Wholesale Beef

Lock in you whole beef to start enjoying cuts, roasts, and ground beef from the convenience of your freezer! 

Whole Beef Deposit

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  • $4.25/pound hanging weight plus processing

    Requires a $200 deposit which will be applied to the final purchase price, due upon delivery. 

    All prices and weights for bulk beef are based on carcass hanging weight and include: 14 day dry-aging, cut to YOUR specifications, vacuum packed.  

    Average hanging weight for the whole beef is 550 pounds. 

    Due to differences of individual animals, final hanging weights will vary.  Beef take-home weights are approximately 35-40% less than carcass hanging weight due to trimming and deboning. 

  • We guarantee your satisfaction of our meat.  If, for any reason, you are unsatisfied we will provide a full refund.