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Ethan and I were both raised on farms in Northern Kentucky and we wanted to continue the farming lifestyle with our daughters. 


After years of raising a "commercial" cattle herd we realized we wanted more control over the finished product.  We sold that herd and purchased Murray Greys; a breed that proved characteristics above all others.  Knowing the amazing qualities of this breed we were excited of the possibilities!


We purchased our Murray Greys with the finished product in mind. The beautiful Murray Grey “Square Meaters” offer so much:

  • Consistent Quality - The consistent tenderness and marbling makes it easy to see why their meat is desired by butchers and restaurants alike. 

  • Top Grades - Due to their excellent marbling, without excess subcutaneous fat, Murray Greys are twice as likely to grade Choice or Prime than the average U.S. steer. 

  • Highly Docile - Murray Greys temperament assures optimal pH levels which lead to excellent meat color, taste, and tenderness.

  • Comparative Breed to Wagyu - With genetics that lead to tender and marbled beef, Murray Greys are often compared to (and sometimes used in conjunction) Wagyu.


Our beef is grass fed, natural, hormone-free, antibiotic-free, soy-free, KY Proud and Registered Murray Greys!

  • All of our cows are raised on pasture and supplemented with hay, that is produced on our farm, in the winter.

  • Cattle are not administered hormones or antibiotics

  • To produce the highest quality of meat, our beef is finished with a grain-on-grass system. This allows for the benefits of grass-fed to maintain, while improving flavor and grade. 

  • Producing this high quality of meat takes approx. 2-5 more months than grain-fed animals. 

  • We collaborate with Trackside Butcher Shoppe in Campbellsburg, KY, a United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) fully inspected facility, to process all Lone Oak beef. 

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