Lone Oak Farms

Frequently asked questions

How many pounds of meat do I get from a 1/4 Beef?

The take-home meat yield for a side of beef ranges from 60lbs.- 90lbs. Possible vairables include: bone-in vs. boneless cuts, the desired external fat thickness, amount of groud beef, organ meat, etc.

How much freezer space is needed?

1/4 Beef ~ 4 cubic feet Half Beef ~ 8 cubic feet Whole Beef ~ 16 cubic feet These are meant to be used as estimates only. The shape and packaging will also play a roll in storage.

What is my cost for a Quarter of Beef?

The costs are an approximate based on the whole animal "hanging weight" of 560lbs. Your approximate costs are the cost of 1/4 animal + 1/4 processing fees: A. 140lbs. (approx. hanging weight) x $4.75 = $665 (Cost of the animal) B. 140lbs. (approx. hanging weight) x $0.68 (processing) + $55 (kill fee) + $5 (split fee) = $155.20 (Total cost to process) A + B = Total Costs per quarter $665 + $155.20 = $820.20 (Total approx. cost for 1/4 beef)