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Two purchasing options:

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Wholesale Beef

All prices and weights for bulk beef are based on carcass hanging weight. All beef is dry-aged 14 days and vacuum sealed.

Lock in a beef order to start enjoying cuts, roasts, and ground beef from the convenience of your freezer!

Three purchase options: 

1. Standard Quarter ~ $4.75/lb. - $100 deposit

(Approx. 90lbs. take-home meat)

2. Customizable Half ~ $4.50/lb. - $150 deposit

(Approx. 180lbs. take-home meat)

3. Customizable Whole ~ $4.25/lb. - $200 deposit

(Approx. 360lbs. take-home meat)


* Due to differences of individual animals, final hanging weights will vary.  Beef take-home weights are less than carcass hanging weight due to trimming and deboning. *

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Retail Beef

Want to try some tonight?

Freezers are located in:

1. Deaton's Market ~ Warsaw, KY

2. Sparta Quik Stop ~ Sparta, KY

3. Glencoe General ~ Glencoe, KY